What does a Volkswagen that was sold for 100,000 euros look like, even though you wouldn't give it even 10% of that amount

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The Volkswagen Bus, also known as the Type 2 or Bulli, is a real investment for car enthusiasts. A German rear-wheel-drive van is getting more expensive every year. A copy produced in 1978 was recently sold for a six-figure sum at the Artcurial auction in Retromobile Paris. Here's what a Volkswagen model looks like that has been sold for more than 100,000 euros, even though you wouldn't give it even 10 percent of that amount.

We must recognize that the auction instance is not some bully, but one that is equipped with Kit Campmobile. It consists of a pop-top roof and a fully equipped kitchen with equipment supplied by Westfalia. In this very attractive package, we can also add an extremely small car mileage: just 994 miles (about 1,600 kilometers). Basically, we can say that this Bulli Campmobile is brand new, and the appearance, interior and exterior, confirms this impression.
According to an Artcurial ad, the car was purchased on February 17, 1978 by a couple from Aurora, Colorado. However, the family man did not get along with the car's manual transmission, so it was put in storage after completing the first 900-mile trip. 40 years later, this Volkswagen Bulli was removed from the garage where it was housed and sold to a buyer in Germany.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/