Volkswagen wants to create a new security system

06-май, 17;03 admin 11 959
Volkswagen is working on a new operating system that, according to company representatives, will significantly reduce the number of accidents that will involve models of the German automaker.

The system will be so smart that it will prevent any accident. The next generation of models will be equipped with a new system, sensors and processors that will make cars anticipate and avoid collisions. The software will be able to learn habits and get new reflexes.

"We want to have no accidents by 2050," is the plan unveiled by Volkswagen's head of strategy, Michael Jost.
The system was launched with the first member of the electric model family, ID. 3, which can also be ordered in Latvia. But it will be constantly updated, and its algorithms will constantly improve over time.

"It should work better and better, because the system will learn week after week, day after day. We are turning from a device company to a software company, " explains Yost.

However, Volkswagen reported problems with the software of the new electric model, ID. 3. the international press wrote that these problems may cause the start of deliveries to be delayed.