Volkswagen wants to beat Tesla in the race for the number of electric cars

22-июл, 19;28 admin 11 992
Herbert Diess, CEO of the Volkswagen Group, sends a message to Elon Musk: we want to beat Tesla.

While Tesla has paved the way in the field of electric vehicles, VW is buying software companies and accumulating investments in sustainable vehicles and batteries, Diess said at the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland. "This is an open race," Diess said. Tesla's market value surpassed VW's for the first time this week, although the us company sells less compared to the total number of cars that VW makes.
However, Tesla has a competitive edge in terms of cars and electric vehicle software, as well as the technologies that underpin the change to cleaner mobility. Despite being competitors, Diess and Musk have maintained somewhat friendly ties. In October, the German CEO called Tesla a serious competitor that has pushed the industry toward sustainability, just weeks after the South African billionaire responded that Diess makes more than any electric car CEO.