Volkswagen Amarok will be presented in a new guise

10-фев, 17;03 admin 11 911
Although it is not one of Volkswagen's successful models, Amarok insists on convincing more customers. In this regard, the German manufacturer is preparing a radical change in appearance for its pickup truck.

This declares difficult times for pickups. The latest sacrificial model in this segment is the Mercedes-Benz X Class, which will finally go out of production in may this year.

But the Volkswagen Amarok gets another chance. The "German" will have the same platform as Ford's Ranger, a decision made by the Germans and Americans last summer, but also a much more aggressive look. And the German Builder brings proof of this in the form of a digital rendering that shows a pickup truck with a solid silhouette. The drawing is exaggerated, but certainly the future model will take on a number of design elements present in digital modeling.
The Amarok in the teaser image has impressive fenders, very large wheels and an extremely bold front end with elements taken from the new generation of Volkswagen SUVs. The future Volkswagen Amarok will be developed by the Germans in collaboration with Ford for the European, African, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and South America markets. The twins of the Ford Ranger and Volkswagen Amarok to debut in 2022. Ford and Volkswagen must decide which factories will produce the two models.