The first modified Volkswagen Golf 8 appeared. only the suspension cost 3000 euros!

15-май, 17;03 admin 12 224
Despite the fact that the model is not yet officially sold in Latvia, the first modified Volkswagen Golf 8 has already appeared on tuning the Way, the Volkswagen Golf is one of the most popular models for car tuners, but also for fans.

For those who sell aftermarket equipment, the Volkswagen Golf 8 is a solid base, despite many accusing German designers of a lack of imagination. Indeed, the shape of the Volkswagen Golf hasn't changed much over the years. Perhaps this is actually the main reason why so many Golf owners prefer to customize it.
In at least two cases, the changes were aimed at walkers, with both tuners being German. The black car was modified by a null-bar tuner in Frankfurt. The system used is pneumatic and has a price that starts from 3000 euros. The suspension allows you to modify the suspension level, so the car can be used for both shows and normal city roads. The wheels chosen for this project are a 21-inch OZ Racing with a Central locking system.