Electric robots for charging Volkswagen

24-ноя, 19;28 admin 11 967
Volkswagen makes charging robots so that electric cars can be charged in any of the selected Parking spaces. Mobile robots will move autonomously where they are required.

In the future, the chase for a charging station will end. Their role will be taken by charging robots that can move to where they are required to charge an electric car. They will be called and activated using the app. In addition, human intervention is no longer required to open the charging port cover, plug in the outlet, and disconnect from the outlet.

The robot will be accompanied by an energy storage device, which it will connect to the vehicle to charge the battery. The device remains next to the vehicle during charging, after which the robot is sent to service other cars. When charging is complete, the robot is sent to the technical unit to restore the device.
In this way, each Parking space becomes a place where an electric car can be charged. At the moment, Volkswagen's plans are at the project stage, and the built-in robot is just a prototype, but the company estimates that it will soon become a reality for every electric car user.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/