Volkswagen ID3, the main problem with the software

09-ноя, 19;28 admin 12 190
Volkswagen faces "massive" software problems in the case of its first electric model, the ID3. The information was published by a German business publication. The technologies that the company uses require further improvements, but there is no time for this. At the moment, all the forces and a huge amount of money are thrown at solving the problem.

According to a Manager quoted by the publication, software problems may force the German company to abandon plans to launch its first electric model this summer. Apparently, the main software system of Volkswagen ID3 was developed "too hastily".
As a result, several separate ID3 modules have difficulty interacting with each other, with data loss, and other difficulties. At the moment, tests are being conducted and specialists from other companies have even been involved. But we can't solve the problem. The concern has very little experience in this segment, so it takes a lot of time to solve the problem.